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What are benefits of earthing?

It turns out that there are so many wonderful benefits to being barefoot and connecting to the earth.
The earth itself has a slight negative charge that provides a flow of beneficial electrons. You can receive these benefits by just touching the earth with your feet or putting your feet in the sand at the beach.

Benefits of Earthing – Healing and Recharging the Body

by Alik • Natural Health

Numerous health professionals are evermore stressing the great health benefits of earthingVarious studies have proven the healing effects of earthing, which has surprisingly been found to be more powerful than the use of antioxidants, pain killer medication, blood sugar regulators and at times even cancer medication.
Earthing provides the body with natural balancing effects, which is done by shifting and stabilizing charged particles to and from the earth.
What exactly is earthing?
Earthing is essentially ridding your body from free radicals, pollutions and heavy metals by discharging the body through direct contact with the earth. Sounds strange? Think about this, we electrically ground or “earth” almost all of our electrical appliances, our homes, planes, trains, buildings to protect them from over charging or electrical shock, so earthing the human body or human earthing is exactly the same except with reversed flow of electrons.
Our ancestors unknowingly did just that for thousands of years, until our modern life style, with all the electronic interferences and toxic overload started to insulate our bodies from the earth and literary made us into separately and positively charged individuals.
Benefits Of Earthing Grounding

Introduction to Benefits of earthing:

The earth is full of negatively charged electrons (good for you to the same level as the earth) and most living beings need a balanced and regulated flow of these negative ions for neutralization, equilibrium and growth. While the nature around us has perfected this invigorating mechanism, modern humans are moving further and farther away from it.
Not only do we expose ourselves to unhealthy water, air, food and an extremely positively charged lifestyle, even worse we wear insulating plastic shoes, which completely separate us from the healing power of the great Earth.
The super destructive effect of electronics surrounding us – our cell phones, TVs, microwaves, radios and millions of wireless equipment – bombard us with millions of positively charge particles and destabilizing particles.
We have completely insulated ourselves from the earth’s unlimited supply of electrons that heal and rejuvenate us ever since we began wearing rubber soled shoes in the 1960s. Simply by taking your shoes and socks off for a few hours a day you can let the grounding power of earth (Earthing) to fill your body with its natural healing energy thus taking advantage of the benefits of earthing.
The earliest and most primitive forms of empowering the benefits of earthing is to put our bare feet on the bare ground. In the following video Dr. Sinatra points out a very interesting fact. He discusses that the real reason why the beaches have such relaxing effect on us is mostly due to taking full advantage of the benefits of earthing and not necessarily the weather, wave sound or drinking lemonade.
Sure other factors such as the sun do play a significant role but water and sand are the greatest contributors and work magic in discharging the body from harmful radicals and positive ions.

Earthing protection against EMFs:

Another benefit of earthing is that it protects us from Electromagnetic Fields or better known as EMFs. Migraines, insomnia and various other ailments are not necessarily due to weak immune systems, but they could more likely be the result of extreme exposure to EMFs, which in many cases can be easily cured by the simple and powerful healing effects of earthing.

Summarizing the Benefits of Earthing:

  • Every living being needs the earth for balance and energy harmonization
  • Earthing allows millions of electrons to be soaked up right through our blood cells filling them up with enormous healing power
  • Electrons will make our blood thinner and relatively thinner blood floors more smoothly through out our bodies, helping organs such as heart and liver function better.
  • Discharged body and thinner blood significantly reduces the changes of cancer, tumors, fatigue, neuron-degenerative diseases, diabetes.
  • Earthing allows the body to discharge other harmful radicals

How to enforce the healing benefits of Earthing:

  • Take your shoes and socks off daily for two to three hours
  • Walk bare feet in the outdoors, especially over wet and freshly moist grass, sand or rocky surfaces
  • If you have a beach near by, try to take regular trips walk in the moist sand

Earthing alternative products:

If you don’t have the time or are not in the right situation to take advantage of natural earthing, I recommend purchasing earthing products, which have worked very well for many people. You can benefit from have simple bare earthing devices that include grounding bed pads and ground mats which will allow you to experience the rejuvenating benefits of earthing in less than a couple of weeks.
The more you are connected to the earth the better you will feel and you can do this as much as you possibly can. Earthing can help us heal faster, think better, function and work more productively. Start today, take your shoes and socks off, go outside and soak up the true benefits of earthing.