Cold Laser Acupuncture/EFT

Cold laser acupuncture/EFT (emotional freedom technique) allows you to treat both emotional and physical pain easily by using your Laser Therapy Pen on the finger points as shown in the video. There are many issues that can be helped with cold laser acupuncture which may include:

  1. Fear and Phobias

  2. Pain Management

  3. Weight Loss/eating disorders

  4. Addictions/Obsessions

  5. Allergies

  6. Trauma/PTSD

  7. Insomnia/Sleep

  8. Relational Issues

  9. Self Esteem

  10. Anger Management

  11. Performance Anxiety/Public Speaking/Sports/ Theatrical and Music Performance

  12. Depression


To start first identify the pain or emotional issue you would like to to work on. Here are some easy steps to follow.

  1. Determine your distress/pain level from 1-10.

  2. Place the laser 1 inch away or directly on the finger points displayed in the video for 15 seconds for each finger while focusing on the pain or emotional issue. For example if you had right knee pain you would repeat mentally “this right knee pain”, “this right knee pain” over and over while treating the finger points.

  3. If it was emotional pain such as anger about work or relational issues you could repeat “this anger about ___.” If you have the feeling there is an emotion connected to the pain such as fear or anger you can add that into the phrasing such as “worried about this knee pain” or “angry about this knee pain”. Try 5-10 rounds to start with and then recheck your distress/pain level 1-10 after treatment. It should be much lower after 3-5 min of treatment.

  4. Sometimes if there are multiple issues you will need to treat each issue specifically. You may notice changes in your breathing such as sighing or yawning throughout the treatment. This is often a sign that the pain or emotion is beginning to clear. You can also add in the phrase “I let it go, I let it go” to speed up the process.

  5. Repeat the steps until your pain/distress level is a zero or a 1.  The video demonstrates the technique using the laser on the finger points.

  6. Here are the finger points where you hold the laser 15 seconds on each point, remember to focus on the pain while you are doing this: hand-points








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