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Many people suffer from a condition known as TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder.

Usually From a young age it is diagnosed as a problem that will get worse as the person ages.Your dentist will  be the first to mention a possible problem.

Some of the symptoms of TMJ are:

  • Biting or chewing difficulty or discomfort
  • Clicking, popping, or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth
  • Dull, aching pain in the face
  • Earache (particularly in the morning)
  • Headache (particularly in the morning)
  • Hearing loss
  • Migraine (particularly in the morning)
  • Jaw pain or tenderness of the jaw
  • Reduced ability to open or close the mouth
  • Tinnitus
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Dizziness

Some of the causes of TMJ may be:

  • Bruxism (repetitive unconscious clenching or grinding of teeth, often at night).
  • Trauma
  • Malalignment of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth due to defective crowns or other restorative procedures.
  • Jaw thrusting (causing unusual speech and chewing habits).
  • Excessive gum chewing or nail biting.
  • Size of food bites eaten.
  • Degenerative joint disease, such as osteoarthritis or organic degeneration of the articular surfaces, recurrent fibrous and/or bony ankylosis, developmental abnormality, or pathologic lesions within the TMJ
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Lack of overbite

In addition to the above causes I have found that stress plays a major role in TMJ disorder. I have several healing techniques that relieve stress and as a result reduce the causes of TMJ.

As a researcher and healer I have found a way to cure TMJ fast with an alternative therapy known as energy healing. What is energy healing? Energy healing is a way to direct or send what is known as bio-energy, life-force energy, chi/qi, or prana into the affected to area of the body to restore to normal function. This is done by the healing practioner sending the healing energy through his hands into the affected area, in this case the temporomandibular joint and surrounding muscles/tendons and bones.

I specialize in remote or distance energy healing. What this means is that the energy can be sent from any distance to the client. It sounds impossible and there is no scientific way to measure this type of energy but the clinical and anecdotal results speak for themselves. So much so that most of the major hospital in our nation incorporate energy healing into their programs. You may have seen Dr Oz mention energy healing on his shows. He is a strong proponent of energy healing and has been known to use energy healing during his surgeries as it speeds up the healing process.

How does a healing session for TMJ work? I will walk you through the process. You log onto my site and book a one hour session through Paypal. I email or call you to find a convenient time for your TMJ healing session. I call you at the agreed upon time and take some history of how the TMJ started for you and how painful it is from 1-10, 10 being the most painful.

I have you close your eyes and relax while lightly focusing on the area of pain. I begin sending the healing energy into the TMJ area for about twenty minutes. After the twenty minutes I ask you for the pain level again from 1-10. Most of my clients report a reduction in pain, stiffness, and tightness within the first twenty minutes. We repeat this process two more times within the hour. Sometimes it may take more than one session for the TMJ to stabilize to a pain free state.

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