The Fastest Cure For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist. Sleep position may be a contributing factor with this condition as well as repetitive stress from computer mouse clicking and similar activities. The compression of this median nerve in the wrist often causes numbness and pain in the hand.

Typical treatments for carpal tunnel are vitamin B6, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and in severe cases, surgery. The fastest alternative/natural cure for carpal tunnel syndrome that I have found as a researcher and healer is called energy healing. Energy healing is a technique where the energy healing practitioner sends bio-energy, life force energy, chi/qi energy, prana, or zero point energy into the area of the median nerve in the wrist. This causes an almost immediate reduction in the pain and numbness in the hand. There are also nerves coming from the cervical vertebrae in the neck and upper thoracic vertebrae in the upper back which may be causing numbness and pain in the hand. Energy is sent into these areas as well during a healing session.

Energy healing is found in almost every culture throughout the world. You may have heard about this type of healing in the news, you tube, or perhaps on the Dr Oz show. Dr Oz is a strong proponent of energy healing and uses it during surgeries. In the USA energy healing is just beginning to be recognized by major hospitals. Some of these hospitals have a wing dedicated to energy healing also called complimentary medicine.

I specialize in what is known as remote or distance energy healing. This type of healing can be done by phone as the energy works somewhat like a cell phone and can reach you wherever you are. It sounds outrageous and impossible but the clinical results speak for themselves. This is why so many of the major hospitals incorporate energy healing into their complimentary medicine programs.

I would like to share with you how a typical energy healing session for carpal tunnel syndrome works. First you book a one hour session here on my site. I contact you by email or phone to set up a convenient time. I call you at the agreed upon time and take some history as to how the carpal tunnel started for you and what hand/wrist positions cause pain from 1-10, 10 being the highest pain level.

I then have you close your eyes and relax while focusing on the area of pain/numbness in the wrist. During the next ten minutes I send healing energy into the wrist area. I ask you your pain level again from 1-10. Most of my clients at this point report an overall reduction in pain. We repeat this process several times within the hour until your pain level is zero or a much lower number.

Some people are understandably sceptical and I would be too if I had never heard about this type of healing or experienced it for myself. For this reason I offer 10min sample sessions so that you can get a feel for how energy healing works.

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Energy Healer Steve

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