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knee pain

Knee pain is a common issue effecting many of us in the course of our lives. There are numerous causes of knee pain the most common being:

Bursitis – swelling of the bursa above the knee cap, often seen in people who work on their knees such as gardeners, plumbers, bricklayers etc

Bakers Cyst – swelling in back of the knee joint, may also be related to torn meniscus

Dislocated Kneecap – often causes intense and chronic pain

Tendonitis of the Patella – pain in the large tendon over the front of the knee

Cartilage Tear – a common cause of knee pain.

Ligament Injury – typically caused buy a sports injury or over exertion, can lead to discomort and instability.

Arthritis – one of the most common causes of knee pain

The typical alternative treatments for knee pain are: rest, stretching, ice/heat, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy. All of these may be helpful but the fastest acting modality I know of as a researcher and healer is something called energy healing.

Energy healing is known in almost every culture around the world. In the east it is called chi or Qi. In India they call it prana. The Hawaiians call it manna. Here in the US we call it bio-energy or life-force energy. Science is still trying to understand how it is possible for an energy healer to send healing energy to another person. There are currently no scientific ways to measure this energy but nevertheless the clinical/anecdotal results speak for themselves. So much so that many of the major hospitals in the US and all over the planet incorporate energy healing in their complimentary medicine centers. You will hear Dr. Oz often refer to energy healing on his show. He is also known to use energy healing during surgeries because it speeds up the healing process.

As an energy healer I have found that knee pain can often be relieved in as little as one or two healing sessions. In a typical session I will ask my clients to give me an initial pain level from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Then I will send healing energy to the knee area for about 10min and then recheck the pain level again. In most cases the pain is greatly reduced and sometimes completely gone in the first 10min.

What many people find amazing is that this energy healing can be done right over the phone or by Skype/email. How is this possible? I have found that distance has no effect or restriction when doing energy healing. I have helped people around the world in such places as Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, The UK, Romania and all over the US.

If you are suffering with knee pain and would like to experience the power of energy healing you can reach me at 702-768-1804. All sessions can be booked here now. You may also want to learn more about the healing benefits of low level laser therapy:

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PS If you are a bit sceptical about all of this I offer a free 10min sample session so can experience what an energy healing session is like and also get a some relief. Call me at 702-768-1804

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