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We have all at some point in our lives suffered with neck pain. Neck pain can have many causes. The most common causes of neck pain are:

Pinched Nerve – a vertebrae is out of alignment and impinging upon a nerve in the neck

Whiplash – neck is injured by the trauma of being thrown forward and backward or side to side pulling muscles in the neck often accompanied by muscle spasms

Herniated disc – a vertebrae in the neck is bulging, slipped or ruptured

Infection – infection of the throat causing lymph nodes in the neck to swell which can cause pain

Osteomyelitis – bones in the neck infected with a virus or bacteria causing swelling/pain

Fibromyalgia – tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues of the neck (often found in other areas of the body as well).

There are many alternative healing modalities which have been found to help neck pain such as acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, cold/hot therapy, traction and massage.

All of these may be helpful but in my experience I found the fastest way to relieve neck issues is a modality called energy healing. Energy healing helps the tissues of the neck to heal on a cellular level without and pain or discomfort. Energy healing has been in use for thousands of years in many different cultures but not widely known in the USA.

An energy healing practitioner is someone who is able to send what is known as life-force, bio-energy, chi, ki, prana, or mana to the client. This healing energy brings balance and restoration to the tissues of the body. I have seen many clients completely relieved of neck pain within one or two 1 hour sessions. Sometimes the neck pain is gone within minutes of initiating a healing session.

Recently I had an energy healing session with a client “Alice” who had pain down the right side of her neck. I asked what her pain level was from 1-10 and she said “about an 8” and the pain is also going into right my shoulder area. So I told her to focus on the pain and any emotion she connected with the pain. She said she felt like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulder. So I then sent energy into the neck and shoulder for about 10min. The pain went down to a 3. I then had her focus again on the pain and emotions she connected to the pain. We did another ten minutes and she said the pain faded to a zero AND she was at peace with the issues causing her to feel the weight of the world on her shoulders.

I find when working with pain issues that there is often emotional energy somehow connected to it such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness. This may sounds strange and new-age to some but the truth is that stress is linked as the root cause for many ailments. I find if we work on the physical and emotional issues at the same time the outcomes are much better and my clients are happier and more peaceful as well.

I specialize in something called remote/distance energy healing. This is a form of energy healing that can be done over the phone or by Skype so there is no waiting in an office and can be done in the comfort of your own home. I send the healing energy to the source of pain in the neck area and the cells begin to respond to the bio-energy almost immediately. If you would like to experience neck pain relief feel free to book your remote energy healing session now then call me at 702-768-1804 or email me at for the most convenient session time.

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