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We all experience back pain at some point in our lives. Back pain can have many different causes such as pinched nerves in the vertebrae in the back, arthritis, muscle strain, falls/accidents, herniated discs and in more severe cases scoliosis.

The most typical alternative cures for back pain are ice/heat, massage, stretching, chiropractic, low level laser therapy, acupuncture and supplements such as arnica and valerian root. All of these can be helpful but I have found in the course of my research one that is the often fastest acting. This modality is known as energy healing.

Energy healing is known in almost every culture on the planet. In the east this healing energy is known as chi or Qi. In India they call it Prana. The Hawaiians call it mana. Here in the US it is often referred to as bio-energy or life-force energy. Scientists are still researching ways to measure this healing energy but there is no doubt as to its effectiveness as energy healing is now seen in major hospitals throughout the country and around the world. You will not here about it in the media very often although Dr. Oz is a strong proponent of energy healing and even uses it during surgeries as it seems to speed up the healing process.

I specialize in what is known as remote or distance energy healing. What this means is that you can receive your healing by phone or Skype in the comfort of your home or workplace/office. With remote healing distance is not an issue. I have healed people all over the world in such places as Argentina, Russia, the UK, Spain, and of course all over the USA.

The way a typical session works for back pain is we get an initial pain level from 1-10, 10 being the highest pain level. Then I will send healing energy to you for ten minutes. We then get another pain level reading. 90% of the time the pain level goes down in the first 10min and continues to get lower over the course of a 1 hour session. You may feel heat, coolness, tingling sensations in the area receiving energy and a sense of well being after the session.

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