Laser Therapy Pen Reviews

The Laser Therapy Pen has worked wonders and began to help right away. One reason I’m happy to share my experience is neuropathy is difficult to treat. I got the Laser Therapy Pen because not only was the neuropathy getting worse but my feet were beginning to swell and my toes and feet were turning bright angry red and burning on fire. Scary! I found an ad for laser therapy from a chiropractor near me. He did a complete exam and confirmed that the swelling was related to the neuropathy. I could not afford his treatments, though I went home determined to save for them. I could not afford most of the lasers out there. When I found Steve’s laser ad, I ordered it but was skeptical about whether it would work. It has worked like a miracle. The Laser Therapy Pen from Steve worked immediately to reduce inflammation and remove pain. Each time I used it my feet got better and better , to the point that now my feet are getting close to being completely normal! Amazing. So yes the laser therapy pen worked like a miracle. I found Steve to be kind and honest. I would buy from Steve again.
Thanks Steve,
Alice Suthers
I purchased a laser from you about two months ago and it’s been the most helpful device I have ever had. First of all I am what you might call a poster child for being rode hard and put away wet in my life. From commercial fishing, delivering furniture for ten years, to bouncing at bar and the occasional week end brawl for fun to spending years in the ring. After receiving the laser I noticed a few days later the pain dwindling in my back, legs and feet. My back spasmed up and a quick three minute treatment took the pain out and was on my way.I have helped other since then and the results have all been positive. Since I have purchased the laser there have been two clinics open advertising pain relief by laser treatments with in a twenty mile radius from my home. I’m glad I purchased mine from Steve and have been saving money and relieving my pain everyday. In closing this device saves people money and pain.
Hello Steve,
I’ve had lower back pain for far too many years. It’s the kind of pain that results in an electric shock when you bend the wrong way. And you’re stooped over since it is impossible to stand straight. At one point, I had to use crutches just to get around. These episodes could last up to 3 months. Doctor’s and chiropractors offered temporary relief. Out of desperation, I would try anything. Ice packs, heating pads, pain killers, an electronic pulse machine, you name it. I finally tried this small laser device and to my great relief, the pain dissipated. I have it with me 24/7 so relief is always at hand. It’s really amazing. What’s more amazing is that many chiropractors are now offering laser therapy for a hefty fee. I really lucked out. Stan O LV NV
To Steve,
Upon receiving my laser pen I was impressed with the design – it could not be better designed and so easy to carry. Had some pain in my right hand due to spending too much time on the computer and I usually work these points on my hands on myself – I have for years. When I first put the laser pen on the points I could literally feel the penetration and my muscles started ticking almost immediately, relieving the tension in the most amazing way – amazing enough for me to call Steve to tell him “Wow”. Must say that I was pretty amazed at how deeply the ray went – it was very noticeable and immediate. Great invention – I would highly recommend it for anyone who uses acupressure on themselves or their clients.
Lena G, CMT
Hi Steve,
I was playing sand-volleyball 6 weeks ago. Going after a hit, I slammed my knees into the sand aggravating an old knee injury. For a month I applied ice and took anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling with little success. After receiving the Laser Therapy Pen from Steve and applying it for 20 minutes I noticed the pain was reduced and the next morning the swelling was almost gone.
It was an amazing result. Yahooooo!
Brad S Utah
I just wanted to thank you for the cold laser pen. I have been using it for 12 days on my Golden Retriever’s knees & she is a different dog! She is no longer hurting & rarely limps. She had strained the ACL in both knees one year ago & it never has totally healed. Her vet, who is holistic, gave her a check-up today & was thrilled about how well the knees are healing! He even performed cold laser tx on her today before she left his office just to show me exactly how & where to use the laser to benefit her most! I am so happy with this laser. Savannah is too, as she goes to sleep when I start running the laser all around her knees! Thanks again,
Debora Hutchens
Hello There Steve,
I ordered the laser from you and I used it on my little dog for his back and neck cause he indicated that he was in a lot of pain. I used it on him for about five minutes one time and he’s shown no more signs of any pain and started playing again like a puppy. He’s twelve years old! The soles of my feet have started hurting constantly a couple of months ago. It feels like someone has taken a 2×4 and beat the bottom of my feet. I used the laser one time for approximately five minutes on my right foot, but not on my left. The right foot hasn’t hurt since, but left still hurts constantly. I have horrible joint pain in my elbows. I did the same thing with them ONE TIME. Almost a month later and my right elbow is just now starting to hurt occasionally. My sister has used it for relief from chronic arthritis pain in her hands. Her daughter used it to strengthen her immune system. She has a severely compromised immune system due to the removal of brain tumor when she was a teenager. So when she’s exposed to something she gets sick. She was exposed to the pink eye. I didn’t know this until my mom came down with it, but sometimes the initial symptoms don’t occur within the eye, but in the glands in the neck. She used it once that night briefly and once for an even shorter session the next morning. She didn’t come down with ANYTHING! My mom uses it on her chronic neck pain that’s so bad even with taking pain meds the pain keeps her awake at night. Since she’s been using the laser she’s sleeping like a baby! I’m so thankful I found your site. I left the first laser with my family when I moved across country, but I now want to get another one for myself. Also since I suffer with virtually everything you offer healing sessions for and I’ve read over most of them I’m interested in getting the facial rejuvenation since it indirectly addresses so many other issues. Besides, I’m not happy with some of the changes I’m seeing in my face recently. 😉 So maybe I can feel and look better…talk about a lot of bang for your buck! And I’m pretty stingy with my buck!!! So far this has been the best money I’ve ever spent! I could of saved more money than I care to think about if I had only found your site sooner.
=$ Highest Regards,
Attention People,
I suffer with peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and spinal degeneration. Yes I’m a wreck. After visiting a nearby clinic where I was given one 10 minute laser treatment for $200.00 I realized that there was something to this laser therapy, but no way could I afford the projected 40 treatments. So, after much study and searching I landed on Steve’s web site. Now I have my own personal laser, thanks to Steve, and the laser does provide pain relief, but how to use it effectively. While I suffer with a multitude of pain, this laser has helped immensely. Two or three, five minute treatments a day has worked for me. While I do realize that the laser is not a miracle cure for all of my personal issues, I am aware that this does help with the pain. I would advise anyone who obtains one of Steve’s lasers to plan your therapy, and be consistent with a schedule. One more very interesting incident occurred about a week ago. I accidentally cut the middle finger, to the bone, on my left hand with a razor sharp knife. Blood ran profusely, but after holding pressure on the wound with some paper towel, I got the blood flow nearly stopped. Then I thought of the laser which I carry in a nylon pouch which is attached to my belt. Why not do some field testing? I pulled the laser out and fired it up. Amazingly, a wound that would have certainly required stitches was treated with a laser. I treated the wound approximately six times on the first day and three or four on the second day. This laser therapy really works!
William P

Last week I purchased the laser therapy pen from energy healer Steve to speed heal some severe trauma I had experienced from a fall. During the course of our Q & A he suggested I utilize his skill as an energy healer and offered me a 10 minute demo. Working in the healing arts myself, I know the value of subtle energies. What have I got to lose except some “Pain and Inflammation” right? I felt so much better after the demo that I scheduled a follow up the next day for 30 minutes. During the sessions I could definitely feel something happening. Especially the longer one where I touched still point several times as my body received a renewal of energy. Afterwards I could see better and was more fully integrated in my body. With the inflammation subsiding almost instantly the uncomfortable and painful symptoms have dissipated to a very large extent and for the first time offered me the awareness that I am going to heal fully. Now I am in the process of letting go and restructuring on a cellular level with the continued support of the healing. I slept long and hard both nights and continue to rest a large portion of the 24 hour cycle. I am up functioning at a much higher level when I am up and the healing continues. The laser therapy pen arrived the afternoon of the second healing session and I put it to use immediately getting amazing results. I consider Steve to be a very gifted, authentic and grounded healer. “Thank You Steve” !!! ~ and YES ~ I recommend his energy sessions highly!!!
LeAnn Latifah Harling
I have had trigeminal neuralgia pain for 10 years … I tried many healing modalities including drugs , which worked briefly before becoming ineffective and I paid the price of horrific side effects. Last December, my chiropractor/functional neurologist suggested I try your cold laser. She had spoken with you about the product and was assured the laser was as effective as the lasers with all the ‘bells and whistles’ used by professionals. I began treating myself, using the battery powered cold laser, 4 minute sessions twice each day. Within two weeks, the pain was gone. I continue to use the laser 5 minutes each day as maintenance, as sinus swelling is an exacerbating factor for the neuralgia. I am so very happy to have found this tool. I have returned to an active life as massage therapist, bookkeeper for our family wood stove/solar business, grandma and running my own natural remedy manufacturing business thanks to the effectiveness of laser therapy. Thanks for making these lasers available.
Karen LaVigne RN RMT
Hey Steve,
I had difficulty walking on my right foot because of a bone spur on my heel. I tried ice, heel pads, and other means to mitigate the pain. However, it wasn’t until I started using the laser pen that the soreness eventually subsided. I can now walk without pain in my right heel, probably because the laser reduced the inflammation around the bone spur and allowed the area to heal. I also use it when my knees and my thumbs become inflamed from trauma/arthritis. I feel very comfortable recommending this device for a variety of conditions.
M Gould
The Laser Therapy Pen is very reasonably priced Steve was accommodating enough to send the laser second day mail when he didn’t have to. I have rigorously used the laser and it helps! Steve has also been very available for questions in regards to the laser. No question this laser is worth it’s weight for the power and price paid. It has helped with my arthritis. It is a nice go to for any type of ache or pain.
Vern Miller


I wanted to tell you what the laser therapy pen has done for my dog in just one week. She could not walk due to severe spinal pain. She is a nine year old Beagle with still several years left. I have been using the laser on her twice per day for the last week. She is now running outside where before she could not even walk. There is no placebo effect with dogs and this is the exact therapy the vet wanted to do three times a week at a significant cost. We couldn’t be happier to have our “Bailey” back. We thought we would have to put her down. Thanks so much Steve!
Jan Reeder


Hi Steve,
I once asked you if the LTP-50 would kill toenail fungus, and you weren’t sure.  Well, I can tell you now that it for sure DOES!  I saw a Groupon for laser toenail fungus treatments.  They advertized a 15 minute treatment.  So I decided to try my laser pen on it.  I put it directly on the nail and kept it there for 15 minutes.  I did this ONE TIME.  Then I waited to see what would happen.  The fungus was completely killed off, and the nail has now grown out and is completely normal.  You have to understand……the toenail had become quite painful, and I had been doing battle with the fungus for close to 10 years.  I’d tried everything, including using a dremel tool to grind the nail thinner so the anti-fungal creams could penetratand evee, n silver paste.  I was shocked that one single 15 minute treatment compleltely solved the problem.  Now you can tell others that it does most certainly treat toenail fungus.
Melanie Fowler
I am so grateful to have met energy healer Steve! With Steve’s guidance I have been able to clear a lot of emotional negativity as well as physical damage to my body with his cold laser treatment. I will share my experience with the cold laser pen with my friends and family in order to spread the word about how amazing this product really is! Before anyone ever decides to take a pill or have surgery they should absolutely contact Energy Healer Steve and give the cold laser treatment a try. I believe they’ll be happy they did!
Andrew Roth –  Actor Producer Director


I have a golfball size Inguinal hernia in my left groin area. I have had it for 4 months. Two weeks ago I started to do infra red cold laser therapy treatments on my hernia area two times a day; 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being horrific pain and 1 being very little pain; my hernia was about a 5 before starting the infra red cold laser therapy. In only two weeks of infra red cold laser therapy, I can honestly say that my pain has reduced from a 5 to a 0. I have no hernia pain after two weeks of infra red cold laser therapy treatment. Also, the size of my hernia has shrunk a little bit.
John Stevens

 I am an Integrative Medicine practitioner.
Our Springer Spaniel, Maggie began having issues with some weakness of her hind legs due to issues in her cervical spine. ( Wobblers syndrome) Her treatment with her animal chiropractor includes adjustments using an activator instrument followed by cold laser to assist with nerve regeneration. Since we need to stay on top of her treatments, which, blessedly are helping a great deal, we decided it was a good idea for me to do home cold laser treatments at in between visits. My chiro suggested getting a Class 3b device. My search for an affordable Class 3b device led me to ENERGYHEALERSTEVE, Steve Levine. I contacted him about what we were trying to accomplish and he advised we try the LPT-100 IR, best for deeper tissue penetration in Maggie’s circumstance. I have had several subsequent communications with Steve and have found him to be compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. The laser pen is easy to use and Maggie loves her treatments! I also tried it personally on a sore , swollen joint and it helped almost immediately. I am grateful to have found Steve and his company, Grace Health Products, LLC. If you are looking for an affordable , safe cold laser device, I highly recommend dealing with Steve Levine!
Rana Colaianni, NP