Oprah and Dr Oz on Energy Healing

What do Oprah and Dr Oz have to say about energy healing?


This video from CNN featuring Dr Oz also explains why energy healing is gaining popularity in hospitals across the nation.

Are you sick and tired of trying to manage your pain through drugs? Not feeling that medications are very effective? Are you concerned about becoming dependent and just wish you could permanently reduce or eliminate your pain levels?

Approximately 24 percent of Americans(!), or roughly 48 million people, suffer from chronic pain! (according to the 1999 National Pain Survey, conducted by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical)

If you’re one of the people suffering from chronic pain, you are fully aware of the negative impact pain can have on the quality of life. Pain diminishes the ability to concentrate, do your job, sleep, and to exercise.  And pain can affect your social life, resulting in feelings of isolation and depression – on top of the physical pain.

Drugs Are Not Working…

About 21.6 million Americans, or one in ten (11%) adults, take prescription pain medication regularly to manage chronic pain.  Nearly nine in ten pain sufferers (88%) take prescription pain medication at leastonce a day and they are likely to take prescription pain medication for long periods of time.

However, as pain sufferers know, medication may not be sufficient means to manage pain.

First, pain medication may not always be effective. Three in five pain sufferers (62%) say their pain medication “works better on some days than others.”

Second, after taking medication for a long period a time, the medication may become less effective: One in three (33%) says it becomes less effective the longer they take it, that is, there is a ceiling effect.

Third, pain medication may incur side effects: Three in ten (31%) pain sufferers experience side effects caused by their prescription pain medications.

What Else Can be Done?

Side effects, dependence, and decreased effectiveness over time… Medications are merely managing the pain, and also they are not necessarily effective at that!

Nine in ten (92%) physicians recommend non-drug pain management techniques to their chronic pain patients.

According to the Chronic Pain in America: Roadblocks to Relief , survey conducted for the American Pain Society, the majority of chronic pain sufferers, especially those with severe pain, have also turned to non-medicinal therapies. (Full survey can be found at

What if you could reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication? Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Energy healing is a method of natural healing.  Energy healing is a complementary pain management technique that targets the cause of pain.  While medications manage the symptoms, they do not get to the root of the pain.  For example, if you have back pain, it could be due to injury, misalignment of the spine, or a host of other factors.  Taking pain medication will not address the misalignment or the injury or the trigger of the pain.

Energy healing works differently.

We work with the premise that the body, given the right conditions, knows how to heal itself.
It’s our birthright to be in perfect health, to feel good, and to be pain free.

Energy healing works with the Life-Force Energy of the body. 

Life-Force Energy, (also called Prana, Chi, bioenergy, etc) is the difference between something that is “alive” vs. something that is not “alive.”  So if you leave lettuce out on the counter for a few days, you’ll notice that it will become wilted – it will start losing it’s life-force energy. Just picked lettuce, on the other hand, still has it’s life-force energy intact.  Similarily, if you life-force energy is low, you may feel tired, drained, or depressed, etc.  Pain, disease, inflammation, etc is created from a lack of, or imbalance of our life-force energy.  For example, if you have a garden hose and you are trying to water the lawn – you can stop the flow of water by stepping on the hose, or creating a kink in the hose.  If you can remove the blockage in the hose, then the water will flow freely.

Energy healing can help to increase the life-force energy.

Energy healing works by applying the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing.  When the energy healing practitioner resonates at a high frequency, the client often entrains to, or matches, the higher frequency, thereby facilitating healing using the body’s biological intelligence.  Life-force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and structure.

Your body has a tremendous abilty to heal itself and achieve a pain free state. Energy healing, as well as other forms of natural healing (i.e. acupuncture) help your body move back into wholeness and well-being.

Energy healing works  to eliminate pain – permanently!

Will Energy Healing Work for Me?

This is a question that I often receive:  How will it work for me?

Every body is unique in it’s capacity to heal. How quickly a person heals is due in part to variables such as:

  • Nutritional needs (does their body have the resources?)
  • Willingness to heal (on the surface it’s always “yes,” but underneath?)
  • Time (some things take time, such as tissue growth)
  • Toxicity or Congestion in the body (definitely hampers healing)
  • Severity (intense or severe conditions won’t always heal quickly)
  • Emotions and Mental framesets that resist healing

Sometimes chronic pain goes away in one hour during an energy healing session.  Sometimes pain relief may be gradual over a long series of sessions.

If you are understandably sceptical about all of this I offer a free 10 minute remote healing session by phone or Skype so you can know for yourself how effective energy healing can be. You can simply call me at 702-768-1804 and I will help you right over the phone with a physical or emotional issue.

Health Blessings

Energy Healer Steve


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