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Chronic Sciatica Pain Relieved

Dear Steve, I find that an ordinary “thank you” would be entirely inadequate for your help in healing whatever caused my back pain. I am so grateful I found you, and so much in awe of your ability to help people. Shortly after taking a fall. I’ve had pain in my lower back for almost 2 months. It went from my buttock down my right leg to the heel of my foot. It hurt whenever I put any weight on it. Because I was favoring that leg, it caused my whole body to go out of alignment. I went to my chiropractor, then to my doctor who diagnosed it as a severe inflammation which would probably take a long time to resolve itself. She gave me an injection of Toradol which she felt might give me some relief by morning. It never happened. I scoured the web. Even though I don’t like taking drugs, I tried Advil and some anti-inflammatory supplements. Nothing was working. I finally came across your web page and decided to call you. After asking me where the pain was, you told me to sit down, be calm and focus on it. Shortlyafter that, I felt a warming feeling on that spot. It seemed to be relaxing. Then you verbally corrected each disc from my neck to the end of my spine. After that, I got up and was able to walk straight with no pain. I have no idea how you did what you did, but it worked. It was gone in 10 minutes. I just couldn’t believe that my pain level of 10 went to 0. And all this over the phone! You are amazing. Please use this letter as a recommendation, since I feel that anyone who has the knowledge, ability and gift to perform such “miracles” deserves to be recognized.

Thank you and bless you, Steve,

Val _____________________________________________________________

Chronic Back And Knee Pain Relieved 

Hi Steve, I just wanted to tell you the sample session you gave me for my chronic back pain gave me more relief than chiropractors and pain medication. Amazing! Thank you!!! The paid session you gave my mom for her knees was even more incredible. She’s nearly 80 yrs old, can barely walk and is in constant pain. So in both cases it’s not whether or not there’s pain…it’s the question of the magnitude of the pain at any given moment. When you gave her that session we had just returned from the store, and she was in so much pain she wasn’t sure she’d be able to move at all. Immediately after the session she was moving like she did twenty years ago pain free! And in both cases the results were long lasting. You gave her more effective relief in that one session than the cortisone shots she’s been getting regularly. This is unbelievably great stuff you’re offering!

Rose Blakely ________________________________________________________________________________

Relieved of chronic head pain:

For years and years every now and then I’ve had short, very painful stabbing-like headaches, always only one spot (right above my right ear) and only for a few seconds or minutes. Then it would either stop or return shortly and then go completely. For weeks or even months and then return again. But now it’s getting worse and I get a bit worried. I’ve had it for about 10 hours now, on and off but always with “regular” headache. That sharp pain comes so unexpected that my whole body twiches and my sight gets blurry or even black. I’ve googled it a bit and have seen that SO MANY people have that, too, but no doctor has found a solution besides painkillers. I don’t live unhealthily, am often outside, do exercise, very rarely fast food, lots of veg, drink water only and am not more stressed than usual. Oh, and I sleep enough as well.

After session: I’ve just had an amazing experience….! Steve did some healing energy work for me right out of Las Vegas over Skype. I closed my eyes, focused on the pain and he tuned into me. I could feel the connection and my crown chakra went crazy and my hands were tingly. after a while (not more than maybe 30 seconds) I felt the pain almost CURLING into a marble and after a few seconds WANDERING around in my head! How crazy is that! It first went to the back of my head, stayed a bit and then crawled upwards towards my head chakra as if it was meant to leave through there. But it just wouldn’t go and even gathered its headache friends from all over my head to build some kind of weird spider web around that marble to fix it there. I told Steve and he suggested to tell that thing to go back to where it has come from, so I did that. It took a bit but then PLOP – it went! It was GONE! I could feel it OUTSIDE of my head trying to get back but there was no way back. Steve told me later that he DID have the feeling that this wasn’t a purely physical thing which we got rid of. He gave me an energy boost (not a physical one, I will still be able to sleep) and I feel so creative and… somehow…. WIDE and light. So nice! Thank you so much, Steve, for this experience, I appreciate it and am so thankful! Anyone having pain he or she can’t get rid of….

Steve is THE MAN!

All my love,

Mirjam _____________________________________________________________  

Relieved of depression and pain from a recent hip replacement. Dear Steve:

I want you to know that I am feeling much better since our first short session a week ago. The pains that were not responding to Vicoden are sometimes so slight that I do not even take a Tylenol! The despair and hopelessness and thoughts about the damaged nerve requiring many months of recovery and being incapacitated by a less than perfect hip replacement suregery that was overpowering is TOTALLY GONE, I am walking with a different gait, almost normally now, and so fast, that it surprised me totally! I feel happy almost all of the time, I am meditating again and start making plans to ernjoy the rest of my life I have had several sessions with in person and with remote healing practitioners Doing EFT and Matrix Energetics, and never had an immediate physical reaction ( heat, tingling) like with you,, nor the following improvement of my condition. I have also felt such relief and joy, to be able to re-experience them every day. The second session feels as if went even deeper into the sources of dysfunction and you will certainly hear from me in a few days about the results.

Bless you, Steve,

Izabel S. Ganz, Ph.D  


Relieved of Depression


People, this stuff really works!! Steve did a phone session with me and his 
energy transmission is phenomenal!! All you have to do is focus on what your 
heaviest stressors are in your life and Steve actually connects with you. 
Beautiful experience for me. The laser is just as worthy. 
Steve should turn himself into a gigantic energy ball laser and zap all negative
energy from everybody. 

Thank you Steve. 


Relieved of Smoking Addiction Dear Steven: I want to thank you sincerely for taking care of my smoking addiction. For years I have been an off and on smoker, even when not smoking, I felt like I was deprived of something. Now it is about a month – I think – I am not counting days. I get a thought about a cigarette every now and then but it is just sort of a tentative try, and I have no problem saying I DONT THINK SO and feel good about it. There is no smoking in my future, I can vouch for that. The cigarette stores do not twist my gut anymore. It was not hard at all, you did the work. I can recommend anyone to ask for your help, and to listen to how many sessions they need. I needed only three – nice and easy easy does it!

Gratefully yours,

Izabel Ganz _____________________________________________________________  

Relieved Of Heaviness In Head Area Steve is a great healer,very understanding and a good listener.Within 30 minutes of the healing session i could feel tangible results the heavy dark energy i was feeling around my head area begun to slowly dissipate.I also felt empowered as Steve guided me on ways I can tap into my own healing abilities.I highly recommend Steve.

Warm Regards

Angela Gikonyo _____________________________________________________________  

Respiratory Issues/Emotional Issues Healed

Steve did a 10 minute energy sending for me, and I experienced a remarkable change. I felt like all the toxic negative energy that had been stored up in me left me, like a wave of darkness leaving my body. I was meditating at the time, and if I have to look back on one event over the last several months that really has helped me heal, this was it. I was suffering from a nasty respiratory problem, and nothing I was doing seemed to help me at all. The energy send really helped me turn a corner, and I was able to pick up my mat and walk, as it’s said in the bible. My mental attitude, and my health is very much improved over where it was at the begining of this summer, (it is now fall) and a lot of the improvement is because of Steve’s generous intevention. I would recommend Steve to anyone in need of support, either for physical or emotional problems, he was really helpful to me.

Rev. Jenne Hosler


Arthritis In Hip Healed

I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my hip, the disease has progressed substantially and is now giving me pain all the time. Steve taught me a simple EFT system of tapping on points around my face, head and fingers, the procedure gave me instant pain relief. Anytime I get pain flair ups I use the procedure,with astonishing results, I would and have, recommended Steve’s EFT procedures to others to try and the feedback on pain relief has been un- believable!

Thank you, Steve!

Chris De Cristo


Bronchitis Relieved

Dear Steve,

You are amazing, there is such an improvement in my husband’s bronchitis! I would say he is 2/3 back to normal and he can talk today, in fact he is blabbing on the phone long distance right now! Yesterday and for a few days now he had not able to speak. This is the first day in over a week that he is up and about, and even though it is very hot today, he wants to go for a walk! WOW, thank you. It is too much improvement to be coincidence. And it is not the placebo effect, because he went to bed before I read the message that you had sent the healing energy. This is incredible. Happy Fathers Day and thank you again!

Peace, Love and Harmony 🙂 🙂 🙂



Hand/Finger Pain Healed

Steve, Before healing I was unable to make a fist with my right hand. I can now touch the pinky, ring and index finger to the palm of my hand, the middle finger is almost there. Pain Level 6 on a cold 40F day, pain level after healing 3

Thank you very much Steve.



Shoulder and Rib Pain Relieved

Thanks Steve~~I was already in bed when you sent the energy and I was able to get a good nights rest. All the beds here are futons so it is a challenge when you have an injury such as this. The pain in my shoulder and rib area feels so much better! So I could tell what you did really helped. I appreciated your healing hand ~~:)




Brain Fog and Pain Relieved

My brain fog is clear after the healing session..I am around a one out of ten My stomach is still about a four, but that is good since that is the best I have been in years. Yesterday is supposed to be my worst day of the month due to hormonal problems…I used to be around a 12 out of 10 for that day….so considering that, I think I am making progress. Thanks for the energy gift.



Kidney Pain Relieved

Before the healing session – The pain is on right side of spine, kidney area pain level 6 if I am doing yoga or twisting my torso for some reason, otherwise 2. After the healing session –  thank you very much pain level is a .5 when I twist now, can barely feel it.



Kidney Pain And Stress Relieved

I asked Steve for a ten-minute healing session for my stress. It felt like a veil was being poured over me, a veil of wellness. The pain in my kidneys, which had been bothering me all day, suddenly disappeared. From 8 to 0. In the blink of an eye. I lit a candle and focused my attention on the light as he was doing it. When it was over, I felt very tired, very sleeply. I went to bed and didn’t wake up drenched in sweat like I have been for the past couple of weeks. And today I feel much better, the shaking has diminished and I feel like doing things.

Thank you, Steve.

Feiga Malka


Vaginal Pain and Urinary Tract Pain Relieved

I’ve done a lot of energy healings but never, specifically EFT. I found a gentleman here in town that does it but was never really drawn toward working with him. I’ve had a hilarious time (my glitch, not his) trying to schedule with Steve the last week, too. Today, Steve helped me work on vaginal pain and urinary system. I wasn’t sure we should just focus on the pain figuring it’s causative. I asked him to work on the whole urinary system. At the onset of the work, pain level was a 7. Afterward, it was a 5. He said to wait 24 hours and observe it lessening as time goes on. What a lovely experience! I did ask for his link to look into the benefit of more sessions with him – and he has such a lovely aura, very open face and intuitive eyes. I trust that with the coming shift of times we will all begin to understand the great complexity of how blips in our emotions and energy body drive many maladies and deficiencies. If you’ve not yet looked into energy healing (there are so many wonderful flavors out there) I encourage you to! Bright Blessings!

Ms Helfinger


The UTI I’d been fighting since camping went completely away and my pain level (vulvar) is continuing to dissipate. I’ve had it dissipate so many times after different sessions that I’ve grown a little weary. I’m happy to say, Steve, that you were correct – many days afterward it continues to get better! Woohoo! Honestly, I’m a little vague on why other techniques worked for a *little* while but this is continuing to dig deeper. That’s very interesting. …BTW…my husband is thrilled. 🙂

Ms Helfinge


Brain Fog and Adrenal Fatigue Relieved

I’ve been having pretty severe mental fogginess and social anxiety. I’m also suffering from adrenal fatigue.  The pain level is about an 8. I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Thanks! My social anxiety was at about a 8 before the session, and now it is about a four. My mental fogginess was also an 8, and it is about a 5 now. My adrenal fatigue was an 8, and now it is a 4 The symptoms are still very bothersome, but are lessened Chris

Update: I’m feeling soooo much better than I was a week and a half ago. I’m genuinely more energetic, happy, CONFIDENT(!!!!), and for the first time in months there is some mental CLARITY.




Neck Pain Relieved

Wow Steve, you know I just thought to myself now, “hmm my neck feels a little loose” certain stretches that would bring on pain before aren’t now unless I really push it. I decided to pick up a weight just now as well to test it out and it actually feels a little stronger as well! so if my pain and weakness were a 7 before they seem to be down to a 3. I’d really like to see if we could do another session again. Thanks again, I’m VERY impressed, I do reiki myself and have been to reiki circles and this is the most noticeable energy treatment I’ve received for this injury by FAR!



Sciatica Back Pain Improved

Getting better! wow! There must be something to what you do! I think it’s cumulative in that it continues to get better. I was actually able to bring my leg up in bed this morning. Actually raise my right leg lying on my back or lying on my left side. I cannot do it yet if I’m lying on my right, but to me that’s minor because the problem is ON the right. This is a dramatic change. The doc did say that I must be patient because the “outage” I have is quite “locked” – Well, I believe the energy you sent is helping to “unlock” things quicker. thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!! (I have a vague memory of falling down in my kitchen this past winter – it must be what started this all).



Tinnitus And Anxiety Relieved

A few months ago, I started having a loud pulsing sound and feeling in my right ear.. and would come and go..I cannot sleep, eat, or function at all. IT is like a loud pulsing..and does not seem to be my heart beat. I can also “feel” a kind of pulsing or twitching in my ear..usally only the right but sometimes in the left for only a few seconds. It lasted for days on end a few weeks ago and I tried drugging myself to sleep with alcohol, medicines..you name it to no avail. It would wake me from my sleep. I was so nervous/anxious that I would sometimes shake uncontrollably with my teeth chattering for 20 minutes at night. I am a mom of 2 little girls and I could barely be there for them…it is sooo horrible! No one seemed to understand an no doctor could find anything. What finally helped me was like a miracle. It was a technique called: EFT…emotional freedom technique. I could not, however, do it to myself for this popping/pulsing and gave up until I saw a guy listed on the internet that does this technique remotely. I was on the phone an hour and a half and released all my anxiety as well as a ton of emotional pain that I did not even know was there! I mean I cried like a baby..kind of embarrasing,,glad it was over the phone! Then we worked on the physical symptoms of the pulsing in my ear..and low and behold…the noise just stopped! It did not return ever to the extent I had it then. .

Take care,

Pamela _____________________________________________________________  

Brain Damage and Chronic Pain Reduced

I am a client of Steve’s and it is my honor to share with you the benefits I have received from our work together. Steve has been helping me deal with the long-term effects of an accident involving brain damage and chronic pain. He has given me techniques that I can use daily to calm myself and deal with the anxiety and pain. Since Steve and I began I’ve become aware that good people just seem to come to me to offer help with multiple aspects of my healing. Steve’s kindness and compassion have been a great source of stsrength and comfort to me.

Peace and love,

Camille _____________________________________________________________

After weeks of being in great discomfort with a neck and throat injury, with limitation in speech and swallowing and being to a Nose, Ear and Throat doctor, I was eventually led to some earth angels who would be instrumental in helping me realign and heal. One of these precious earth angels is Steve, who worked me via Skype sending me very powerful light charges that helped open the blocked areas of communication and emotion, that were so stubborn in moving before. There is a kind and compassionate aspect to his demeanor that makes him an excellent conduit for the light/life energy he transmits. I could feel this quite well. I do feel much better.

Thank you so much.



I had a great session with Steve Levine today. It was amazing to feel a shift so completely and immediately. I love the way he works; calm and relaxed. He is a great example of how humble and unassuming a true Energy Worker is. I am grateful for his work. Thank you Steve. I feel great!
Jen Ward
20 Years of Neck Pain Relieved

Thank you, Steve. In reality, words simply aren’t able to accurately convey my gratitude. What you do is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. 

I’m so thankful I found you. Thank you for getting rid of this awful pain in my neck that I’ve had for twenty years. As I mentioned it wasn’t responding to any type of pain meds or any other natural method either. 
I’d also like to thank you again for the teaching segment you offered me as well. You just added immeasurable value to the quality of my life!
People spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars seeking help from all kinds of avenues. Some helpful…some not so much. I know cause I was one of them. This is the first time I feel like I got more than I paid for.
Head Trauma Pain From A Fall Relieved
Last week I purchased the laser therapy pen from energy healer Steve to speed heal some severe trauma I had experienced from a fall. During the course of our Q & A he suggested I utilize his skill as an energy healer and offered me a 10 minute demo. Working in the healing arts myself, I know the value of subtle energies. What have I got to lose except some “Pain and Inflammation” right? I felt so much better after the demo that I scheduled a follow up the next day for 30 minutes. During the sessions I could definitely feel something happening. Especially the longer one where I touched still point several times as my body received a renewal of energy. Afterwards I could see better and was more fully integrated in my body. With the inflammation subsiding almost instantly the uncomfortable and painful symptoms have dissipated to a very large extent and for the first time offered me the awareness that I am going to heal fully. Now I am in the process of letting go and restructuring on a cellular level with the continued support of the healing. I slept long and hard both nights and continue to rest a large portion of the 24 hour cycle. I am up functioning at a much higher level when I am up and the healing continues. The laser therapy pen arrived the afternoon of the second healing session and I put it to use immediately getting amazing results. I consider Steve to be a very gifted, authentic and grounded healer. “Thank You Steve” !!!  ~ and YES ~ I recommend his energy sessions highly!!!
LeAnn Latifah Harling

Now that you’ve read how everyone else got relief how about YOU? You can book your remote energy healing session here now. If you are still sceptical give me a call for a free 10minute  remote energy healing session at 702 -768-1804.

Health Blessings

Energy Healer Steve


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