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Two Sizes Available

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Quantum Healing coil standard with hand
Standard Coil  –  4 1/2″ long x 1 1/2″wide
Quantum Healing coil large with hand
Large Coil   5″ long  x 2″ wide

According to our clients the Quantum Healing Coil has helped relieve:

Head Pain/Migraine Headaches

Ear Infections/Ear Pain

TMJ pain

Sinus Infection/Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Tennis Elbow

Wrist Pain

Hand Pain/Arthritis

Finger Pain/Tendonitis

Stomach Pain

Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Leg Pain

Knee Pain

Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

Gout Pain

Neuropathy Pain

The Quantum Healing Coil is based on the wonderful work of Slim Spurling, the inventor of the acu vac coil, tensor rings, and harmonizers. Each Quantum Healing Coil is lovingly handmade by craftsmen Fred Beitler. The coil has a negative end and a positive end. The negative end pulls pain out of the body like a vacuum. The positive end puts fresh energy back into the body. The coil acts as a superconductor restructuring cells on a quantum level.  Since copper has a crystaline structure the coil acts as a receiver/sender of healing energy. The end of the coil which has the bead closest to it is the positive end and the negative end is furthest away from the bead. The further away the coil is from your body, the stronger the healing effect seems to be. After pulling out negative energy, at the end of the session, you want to turn the coil and point with the bead to the area you have been working on to fill with positive light energy. You can also use the Quantum Healing Coil for long distance healing by using a picture of the person that needs assistance. The Quantum Healing Coil is also radionically programmed with over 72 healing frequencies benefitting all of the systems of the body.

We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use the Quantum Healing Coils.

  • To balance your chakras, use the coil perpendicular to them

  • Tuck the coil under your armpit, with the bead pointing down, to pull out the discomfort from your shoulder

  • Use the coil on broken bones by going over the area of the break with the bead end of the coil pointing away from the body

  • Scan your food with the coil when eating in a restaurant to pull out or improve any thing that might not be good for you

  • Point the coil with the bead toward your thymus gland to strengthen your immune system

  • Use the coil on acupressure points: to charge, point the bead toward the point, and to discharge, point the bead away

  • Use the coil on injured or sick pets/livestock to speed up the healing process

The Quantum Healing Coils come in Large and Standard sizes. Each coil is made to the exact specifications of a measurement known as the Lost Cubit. This measurement has a resonant frequency of 177 MHZ  that is known to heal the body.  The Lost Cubit, was discovered in 2000 by genius inventor and researcher, Hans Becker, who worked closely with Slim Spurling. He found that the resonant frequency of this particular measurement is a harmonic of the speed of light, which means it may be able to restructure energy at the DNA level.

Please allow 5-7 days lead time as these are handmade items and orders may be backlogged at times. You can call 702-768-1804 or email to check for availablilty or any questions you may have.

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