Vitamin D3, this is huge.

 Vitamin D3, This Is Huge.

Most of us are lacking in Vitamin D3 which is actually a hormone NOT a vitamin. Your body produces about 10-20,000IU of D3 when you sit out on the sun, but not during the winter because of the angle of the sun. So most of us who live in the US are not getting anywhere near the vitamin D3 from sunlight we should be getting. The problem is compounded by the fact that everyone is scared to go out into the sun because the powers that be have told use we might get skin cancer. Oy vey!

The benefits of having an optimum level of Vitamin D3 are:

1. Retaining the bone density of the body and prevent the disease named ‘Rickets’.
2. Essential for the brain development and plays an important role in gross motor coordination and emotional development.
3. Boosts the immune system of the body and protects it from cold, flu and fever.
4. Protects the body from disease like multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, mental illness and osteoporosis.
5. Aids in relieving stress & depression and helps the brain to think more optimistically.
6. Includes anti cancer properties in it and thus prevents the different types of cancer like colon, prostate, colorectal and breast cancer.
7. Some diseases such as heart disease, fibromyalgia, chroinc fatigue syndrome, obesity, Alzheimer & Parkinson’s disease and diabetes can be stopped with proper D3 intake.
8. Contains anti-inflammatory properties and protects the skin from the conditions like psoriasis, itching and photo-dermatitis.
9. Helps the skin to repair wounds and prevents infections inside the wounds.
10. Assists in getting rid of stretch marks and heals burn injuries.
11. Facilitates relieving sleeping disorders and enhances good sleep at night.
12. Has the ability to absorb toxic free radicals in the body as it contains antioxidant properties and helps to rejuvenate the skin.
13. The risk of autism disorder can be reduced by by taking this vitamin during pregnancy.
14. Protect the teeth & gums from cavities and tooth decay.
15. Beauty problems like hair loss, dark circles, puffy bags under the eyes, and acne can be improved by D3.

These diseases have all been linked to low vitamin D levels:

Adrenal insufficiency
Alzheimer’s disease
Autoimmune disorders
Bacterial infections
Bones weak (easy to fracture)
Breast cancer
Cancer (all types)
Celiac disease
Colds and ‘flu
Crohn’s disease
Chronic fatigue
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic pain
Colonic adenoma
Colorectal cancer
Cystic fibrosis
Dental cavities and misaligned teeth
Diabetes (types 1 and 2)
Gluten intolerance
Graves disease
Heart disease
Kidney Disease
Low back pain
Lupus erythematosis
Macular Degeneration
Mental illness and mood disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle weakness and pain
Osteomalacia (softening of bones)
Ovarian cancer
Parkinson’s disease
Periodontal disease
Peripheral artery disease
Pelvic floor disorders
Post-operative infections
Rheumatoid arthritis
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Sports injuries
Urinary incontinence
Viral infections

So what to do? Try to get at least 10-15min of sunlight each day. The Vitamin D3 council is recommending everyone get on a minimum of 5000IU of Vitamin D3 per day. This is the bare minimum. If you are concerned about your D3 level you can have it checked by your Dr. The optimal level is somewhere between 60-80 ng/ml. Once you hit this D3 level many major issues may improve or simply disappear.

Vitamin D3, this is HUGE!

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