DSC03761What is an Energy Healer?

As an energy healer I am often asked how energy healing works. Currently there are no scientifically established ways to measure subtle healing energy other than anecdotal results, i.e. the client feels better after the session. I often use a cell phone as an example. You can’t see the energy of the call being transmitted to you but you can certainly hear the person at the other end. Energy healing works in a similar way; you can’t see the energy being sent to you but you feel the positive effects during and after.

Distant energy healing, also known as remote healing and absent healing has been practiced by healers all over the world for centuries. Almost every culture has a word for bio-energy such as mana, prana, chi, qi, orgone, and here in the US we call it life-force or bio-energy.

How is it possible for energy healing to be sent over any distance? Some scientists believe that the energy can be sent and received just like a cell phone. The healer broadcasts the energy via his hands and intention. The energy then reaches the intended person.

The healer can send the energy to any part of the body, the whole body,or to the energetic centers of the body known as chakras. It is also possible clear the energy around the body known as the aura. The Chinese have used acupuncture for thousands of years to clear the energy channels of the body known as meridians. This can also be accomplished remotely using modern techniques such as EFT, TFT, Zero Point, and similar methods.

How does a remote energy healing session work over the phone?

  • The first thing I do is take in some history about the issue/s you would like to work on.
  • I have you give me a subjective units of distress level or SUDS level from 1-10, 10 being the highest distress level. I ask you to relax and just put your attention on the issue whether emotional or physical. This actually helps to speed the healing process.
  • At this point I decide which healing modality is most appropriate for the situation. Sometimes I use Quantum Entrainment, EFT, Quantum Touch, or Core Transformation.
  • Some people require more energy to process an issue, and for some it takes very little energy. Sometimes there are many layers to emotional issues and we have to peel them away a layer at a time, i.e. anger, then fear, then sadness, and finally they are neutral on the issue.
  • Oftentimes physical pains are directly related to an emotion or trauma. For this reason I will ask you if there was an emotion connected to this pain, what would it be? Most people can do this easily and it speeds the process as well.

When I send energy to you I create a holographic image of you between my hands. Using this technique, energy can be sent to you, or, stagnant, non-beneficial energy can be removed. I have worked with people as far away as 6000 miles on the other side of the earth. The energy always reaches the intended person. Sessions by Skype are very effective because we have the benefit of live feedback.

Distant/Remote healing energy can be transferred over long distances because we are all connected. It doesn’t matter if the one transmitting the energy is in a different city or country than the recipient.

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